Price Changes for certain WoW Services on April 5

We carefully review the prices of our games and services in all currencies on a regular basis, and we occasionally need to make changes based on regional market conditions. Considering this, we’d like to let you know that we’ll soon be adjusting the European prices of some of the optional services available for World of Warcraft.

In advance of these price adjustments, certain services will benefit from a 25% discount from March 23 to April 4. You can find more information on this promotion here.

The new pricing, detailed in the table below, will start on April 5. Subscription prices will not be affected.

Price from Apr 5 - Euro

Price from Apr 5 - GBP

Name Change






WoW Token

No change


Character Transfer



Race Change






Premium Mounts



Pet & Mount Bundle



Faction Change



Guild Transfer



Guild Faction Change



Character Transfer & Faction Change



Character Boost



Guild Transfer & Faction Change



For more on this topic, please see the forum post.