[UPDATED 8 JUNE] Introducing the Community Discords Program!

The legal agreement has been updated on 08.06.23 based on community feedback.

Do you manage a Discord server in Europe? Would you like to be more in tune with everything happening in World of Warcraft, get more support to keep your users engaged, and extend awesome perks to your server? Then the Community Discords Program is here to help!

What is the Community Discords Program?

Through the Community Discords Program, Discord server administrators can obtain community managers presence in their server, support for self-organized events and giveaways, occasional Dev Q&As, additional paths to provide feedback, and some other perks.

You'll keep complete control of your community, but there are requirements and rules your community must abide by to be part of this program. You can read the Program Member Agreement right here.

How do I Apply to Become a Program Member?

Applying is easy! Follow the instructions on the link below and share the required information with us, and we'll get back to you as soon as possible. If approved, you will also be required to add Clockwork Rocket Discord Extension (provided by Blizzard) to your server; it's how we'll keep everyone in sync so no Program Member misses anything!

Apply Now

List of Program Members

Here you'll find a list of all currently approved Community Discords Program Members and a link to their respective servers. This list will be updated frequently, so check often to see if your favorite community has been approved.

List of Approved Servers

Fellowship Forged in Epic Adventure

We hope the Community Discords Program helps bring more and more World of Warcraft players closer together. We all share adeep connection to this world and believe the best thing about WoW is sharing it with everyone. We hope to continue building thriving communities with you for years to come. For Azeroth!