[UPDATED AUGUST 28] Prep Your Dragons and Mount Up for Kalimdor Cup

August 28th by Blizzard Entertainment

Update: The Kalimdor Cup is being extended an additional week; players can dash, dodge, and dive through the skies until September 4.

Mount up and rediscover the skies of Kalimdor with a new dragonriding racing event arriving in Azeroth.

"The Riders of Azeroth invite dragonriders to compete in races throughout Kalimdor! Talk to Lord Andestrasz in Valdrakken for more information."

When: August 15–28
Where: Begins in Valdrakken

With a total of sixteen races spread across Kalimdor, dragonriders will have a skyfull of options for challenging courses in Normal, Advanced, and Reverse variations. Head to Valdrakken and speak to Lord Andestrasz near the Rostrum of Transformation to pick up the initial quest.

Ahn'Qiraj Circuit (Outdoor Ahn'Qiraj, South of Silithus) Nordrassil Spiral (Mount Hyjal)
Ashenvale Ambit (Ashenvale) Razorfen Roundabout (Southern Barrens)
Great Divide Dive (Northern Barrens) Rocketway Ride (Azshara)
Desolace Drift (Desolace) Thousand Needles Thread (Thousand Needles)
Durotar Tour (Durotar) Uldum Tour (Uldum)
Felwood Flyover (Felwood) Un'Goro Crater Circuit (Un'goro Crater)
Feralas Ruins Ramble (Feralas) Webwinder Weave (Stonetalon Mountains)
Hyjal Hotfoot (Mount Hyjal) Winter Wander (Winterspring)

Rewards For a Fancy Flight

In addition to earning achievements for completing races, Kalimdor’s brave racers can earn a new currency, Riders of Azeroth Badges. These can be exchanged for unique items and rewards from Maztha in Valdrakken so that you can dash through the skies with panache.

Brand new dragon customizations:
New Drake Racer's transmog set:
If everything else has been purchased, you can repeatedly buy:

The sky’s the limit (unless you’re trying to beat the timer); may the winds be at your back as you go for the gold.