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We’ve added a new not-so-secret community to our Community Discords Program—the WoW Secret Finding & Collections Discord. In the Secret Finding & Collections Discord, collaboration and camaraderie know no bounds. The WoW Secret Finding & Collections Discord server recently triumphed in the Secrets of Azeroth event, where players worldwide worked together to solve a variety of secrets over multiple days!

Now that the Secrets of Azeroth have been unveiled, they look forward to more thrilling adventures in the future. The WoW Secret Finding & Collections Discord  is currently gearing up for a riddle hunt and their own secret hunt—promising brain-teasing puzzles and mysterious quests that will test player mettle and teamwork in the near future!

October events and updates not to miss:

Dungeon Dojo

Recently Dungeon Dojo took their willingness to support players beyond the world of Azeroth and into planet Earth. Dungeon Dojo is now a nonprofit organization with the focus on supporting and uplifting marginalized gamers.

 Spooktober 2023

The Dungeon Dojo is partnering with Oasis community, RaiderIO and the world 21st guild Honolulu to raise money for the organization Gamers Outreach, with a series of fun events throughout the month of October. The first one will be on Saturday the 7th of October, with a scavenger hunt across Azeroth! Then the Dungeon Dojo in collaboration with Honolulu will host a raiding weekend, opening on the 21st of October with an Ahead of the Curve run, followed by a very ominous “Villain Raid” on the  22nd of October full of fun moments, and… strange boss affixes!

 Weekly Activities

Monday through Thursday the Dojo is helping players to reach Keystone Master, for those still missing this goal for Dragonflight Season 2. In addition to this, every Friday the Dojo organizes a raid night in Aberrus, the Shadowed Crucible in both Normal and Heroic difficulties, for those who want to experience this high-end content without stress. The group is a mixture of very experienced players and new to the scene ones.


The Goblin Bingo

Looking for something different? The GoldGoblin community hosts regular bingo sessions, each of them connected to a new farming challenge! The bingo started on 30th September and there are many more weeks to come. Make sure to check it out!

Halloween in Azeroth

GoldGoblin will be holding a Halloween Transmog competition. Share your spookiest outfit from 23 October to 1 November to win some cool digital prizes.


Timelost ChromieDE

This time-travel event is open to everyone. Players will relive previous expansions from the Burning Crusade on with all the modern conveniences of World of Warcraft today.

Be it achievements, professions, transmogs, quests, or mounts, everyone should have the time to complete each expansion with their own character.

Every two weeks players can join organized dungeon or success runs. Once everyone is done with each expansion or the targeted time frame is over, players will move on to the next expansion.

 This is an all-inclusive community event that will run over a long period.


The Starship community is abuzz with excitement this October as they gear up for a month filled with thrilling events and unforgettable experiences. Whether you're a fashion aficionado looking to flaunt your transmog skills or a newly leveled player eager to dive into raiding, they’ve got something special in store for you.

Starship Runway Rivals: Get Ready to Strut Your Stuff!

Date: Tuesday, 17th October
Time: 20:30 Realm Time
Livestreamed on Twitch:

 What to Expect:

  • A dazzling display of transmogrification skills.
  • An evening of fun, fashion, and fierce competition.
  • Cool prizes for the most stylish contenders.

Event Details:

  • The runway awaits you on Tuesday, the 17th of October, at 20:30 Realm Time.
  • Can't join them in-game? No worries! Catch all the action on their Twitch Livestream.

 Reserve Your Spot:

Hurry! Only 30 spots are available, and they're filling up fast. To secure your place on the virtual runway, sign up between the 25th of September and the 15th October. Don't miss your chance to shine and avoid any fashion faux pas!

Sunday Raid School

Newly leveled and don't know where to start with raiding?

Are you new to the world of raiding in Azeroth? Do you want to learn the ropes in a friendly and non-judgmental environment? Look no further than Starship’s Community Raid School!

  • Every Sunday
  • Time: 20:00 Realm Time

 What to Expect:

  • In-depth raiding strategies and tactics.
  • Inclusive and supportive community.
  • A chance to meet fellow adventurers.

 Sign Up Early:

Due to its popularity, it’s recommend to sign up early to secure your spot. Raiding is a team effort, and they can't wait to have you join their ranks. Get ready to conquer dungeons and take on epic bosses with the best of them!

Accademia di Scholomance

Accademia di Scholomance is going strong with their scheduled community activities:

  • Tuesday 10 October Achievement Night
  • Tuesday 17 October Mythic Plus Night (Academy teachers are available for help and guidance)

Check out the program’s Complete List of Community Discords.