This Week in WoW: 26 April, 2024

Catch up on all the latest World of Warcraft news from the last week—mark your calendars for the next content update for Dragonflight—Dark Heart, take a dive into Dragonflight Season 4, learn more about the Cataclysm Classic Pre-Expansion, and more!

Dark Heart and WoW Remix: Mists of Pandaria Ahead

Mark your calendars for the release of the next content update for Dragonflight—Dark Heart— on 8 May, and for the World of Warcraft Remix: Mists of Pandaria event on 16 May at 18:00 am BST globally!

Dragonflight: Dark Heart

The Dark Heart content update launches, 7 May and ushers in the final chapter of the Dragonflight expansion setting the stage for the story in the upcoming expansion, The War Within™.  

Draenei and Troll characters can also embark on new questlines to lay claim to their new heritage armors, Kul Tiran Humans can select from six new hair colors, maximum-level characters will gain access to all Dragonflight quests regardless of Renown—and more.

World of Warcraft Remix: Mists of Pandaria

Get into the mix of things when the World of Warcraft Remix: Mists of Pandaria event goes live on May 16! This time-limited event allows players to re-experience the entirety of the Mists of Pandaria expansion at an accelerated rate from level 10-70. All loot has been completely overhauled and has powerful new effects allowing players to shape their experience, power up, and power on. Features include:

  • Accelerated Leveling and Content allowing you to take on nearly every quest, scenario, dungeon and raid.
  • Create a new WoW Remix character starting at level 10 to adventure through the event up to level 70.
  • A mountain of loot: Get powerful items from everywhere— quests, chests, creatures, bosses.
  • Customizable items allowing you to power up as far as you can go to take on tougher content.
  • Convert unwanted items into Bronze which can be used to upgrade items or purchase cosmetics.
  • Keep what you collect: Take your collection of transmogs with you into The War Within.

Read our previously published article on the World of Warcraft Remix: Mists of Pandaria and check out the latest PTR content update notes (English only) on the forums to learn more details.  

Dragonflight Season 4 is Now Live!

Powerful rewards await in Season 4 to deliver the best of what the Dragonflight expansion offers. Jump into the new Mythic+ dungeon rotation, rally your forces for new challenges in raids, prepare for the new PvP season, and ready yourselves for The War Within.

Improved Dungeon Progression, New Rotations, and Reputation Buff

Return to all eight Dragonflight dungeons for a refined and rewarding progression curve for Heroic, Mythic, and Mythic+ with better pacing and meaningful rewards. The baseline Dawn of the Infinite will be more challenging and rewarding; however, it will not be included in the bi-weekly rotation. Additional details on the variety of adjustments to dungeons and their progression can be found in our previously published article.

Awakened Raids

Every week during Dragonflight Season 4, one of the three Dragonflight raids will become Awakened—Vault of the Incarnates; Aberrus, the Shadowed Crucible; or Amirdrassil, the Dream's Hope. Enemies within Awakened raids are stronger and drop upgraded loot with a higher item level. Also, a buff that increases reputation gain with Dragonflight reputations will be enabled whenever a specific raid is Awakened.

Powerful New Rewards

Earn fresh rewards through PvE and PvP content, purchase them with a new currency—Antique Bronze Bullion—or through the new gear upgrade track—Awakened. By defeating Awakened bosses, earn one Antique Bronze Bullion a week per character, with the cap rising by one each week. If you miss a week, you can catch up to the current weekly max.

Complete all three Awakened Dragonflight raids on Heroic difficulty to receive the Voyaging Wildering dynamic flying mount. Earn the new achievement title, The Awakened Hero, for completing the Dragonriding Awakened raids on Heroic difficulty. Dedicated defenders can obtain the new Keystone Master mount, Infinite Armoredon, once the Dragonflight Keystone Master: Season 4 achievement is attained.

A New PvP Season

Season 4 arrives with PvP rankings reset, new gear sets, mounts, titles, and more! Earn the Vicious Dreamtalon (Horde or Alliance version) for Rated Arena and Rated Battleground, and the Draconic Gladiator’s Drake for earning the Gladiator: Dragonflight Season 4 achievement.

Learn more details about Season 4 in our update notes.

Cataclysm Classic Pre-Expansion Arrives 1 May

You’ve toppled the undead armies of the Lich King and ended Arthas' reign. Now, Deathwing, The Worldbreaker, bursts from the heart of the Maelstrom, unleashing his rage. Reignite the fire and help usher in a new Azeroth. 

The Cataclysm Classic pre-expansion patch ushers in the shattering of Azeroth and the changed landscape in Kalimdor and the Eastern Kingdoms, a variety of systems changes along with new class and race combinations, and the new Worgen and Goblin races. Players can also begin learning the new Archaeology profession, use Reforging to upgrade your gear, and more.

  • New Player Races: Goblin and Worgen
  • New Race and Class Combinations
  • Leveling Updates: Level through a changed landscape in Kalimdor and the Eastern Kingdoms from level 1 through 60.
  • Class Updates: New Talents, Trees, spells and More
  • New Profession: Archaeology
  • New Feature: Transmog Collection
  • Updated Character and Gear Stats

Learn more about the Cataclysm Classic pre-expansion in our article.

Embrace Two New Races in Cataclysm Classic

Heroes are called to once again experience a dramatically reforged Azeroth and defend it from utter devastation with a smoother and accelerated leveling experience. Two new races—worgen and goblin—join the Alliance and Horde, each bringing their unique edge to Azeroth.

The Cursed Worgen

Behind the formidable Greymane Wall, a terrible curse transformed many of the stalwart citizens of the isolated kingdom of Gilneas into lupine beasts known as worgen. Unable to cure their affliction and besieged by the dreaded Forsaken, these worgen learned to control their ferocity thanks to the help of the night elves. The worgen now stand ready to unleash the beast within at a moment’s notice as Death Knight, Druid, Hunter, Mage, Priest, Rogue, Warlock, and Warrior in defense of the Alliance.

The Cunning Goblins

The goblins’ craftiness and greed make them masters of mercantilism. Reforging old pacts with their one-time allies, the goblins of the Bilgewater Cartel have been welcomed into the Horde as Death Knight, Hunter, Mage, Priest, Rogue, Shaman, Warlock, and Warrior. Honing their inherent cunning to a razor’s edge, the goblins hope to use their explosive inventions to rule the world—or at the very least own a profitable percentage of it.

Learn more in our article.

Cataclysm Classic: Leveling in a Shattered Landscape

With the pre-expansion content update, players will experience a changed landscape in both Kalimdor and the Eastern Kingdoms. Players will be able to embark on new quests from level 1-60 in these transformed territories as well as begin their journey as one of the new goblin or worgen races.

In the wake of Deathwing's devastation, adventurers will be summoned to embark on new quests from levels 1 to 60 in these transformed territories — and with so much new content to be found on these two continents, many original quests will no longer be available after the shattering occurs. These quests will automatically be removed from your quest log, while any quests you’ve accepted that still exist in Azeroth will remain in your log.

For those who are working through the Loremaster achievements, if you've already completed Loremaster of Eastern Kingdoms or Loremaster of Kalimdor, you will not lose your achievements. However, if you've made progress toward these achievements without yet completing them, be aware that any quests that are removed from the game will no longer count toward your progress, so you may see your achievement quest counter drop. If you’re close to earning either of these achievements, we strongly suggest you finish them with great haste, as Deathwing's return is imminent.

In addition, the Loremaster achievements are being redesigned slightly to make them easier to track. Rather than having players complete a huge number of quests throughout a single continent, the criteria will change so that you will instead need to complete a set number of quests in each zone. Once you've earned the achievements for each listed zone on a continent, you will then be awarded the Loremaster achievement for that continent. For those who do have Loremaster of Kalimdor or Eastern Kingdoms completed already, you can still go back and get the new achievements for questing in individual zones on those continents.

Please also note that all exploration achievements are now account wide. If you already have the achievements, you should see them on first login, if you have made progress on several different characters, you will need to log into those characters to have the total reflected on your account.

Players can also enjoy an increased leveling rate through the Burning Crusade and Wrath of the Lich King content.

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The WoW Companion App Retiring

With the release of The War Within™ pre-expansion content update, we will no longer support the WoW Companion App. After this date, players will not be able to update, download, or use the companion app and its features.

We want to thank everyone who has used the app as their companion for their adventures over the years!