Mount Up for the Northrend Cup!


Make your way through the icy skies of Northrend in a chilly, new dragonriding racing event.

"The Riders of Azeroth invite dragonriders to compete in races throughout Northrend! Talk to Lord Andestrasz in Valdrakken for more information.."

When: 30 April–13 May
Where: Begins in Valdrakken

With several races spread across Northrend, dragonriders will have a skyfull of options for challenging courses in Normal, Advanced, and Reverse variations. Trek to Valdrakken and speak to Lord Andestrasz near the Rostrum of Transformation to pick up the initial quest for Riders of Azeroth Badges, which can be exchanged for unique items and rewards from Maztha, also in Valdrakken.

Blackriver Burble (Grizzly Hills)

Citadel Sortie (Icecrown)

Coldarra Climb (Coldarra)

Crystalsong Crisis (Crystalsong Forest)

Daggercap Dart (Howling Fjord)

Dragonblight Dragon Flight (Dragonblight)

Geothermal Jaunt (Borean Tundra)

Gundrak Fast Track (Zul’drak)

The Maker’s Marathon (The Storm Peaks)

Scalawag Slither (Howling Fjord)

Sholazar Spree (Sholazar Basin)

Zul’drak Zephyr (Zul’drak)

Rewards For a Fancy Flight

Complete all Northrend Cup races on Gold to earn the Northrend Racing Completionist: Gold achievement, "Northrend Racer" title, and the Frosted Riders of Azeroth Tabard. In addition, some rewards you can choose from include a Vial of Endless Draconic Scales that randomizes mount customizations each time you mount, pieces to build the fashionably adventurous Icy Drake Racer's set, and more! 

Icy Drake Racer's transmog set:

Dragon customizations:

If everything else has been purchased, you can repeatedly buy:

The sky's the limit (unless you're trying to beat the timer); may the winds be at your back as you go for the Gold.