World of Warcraft Arena Esports Levels Up in Australia and New Zealand


The 2017 season was a phenomenal year for Australian and New Zealand World of Warcraft Arena esports fans. The region sent three teams to compete in the Asia-Pacific (APAC) Arena World Championship, and for the first time ever, a team from Australia—Team Rock—competed on the global stage at BlizzCon.

As the WoW Arena scene continues to grow in Australia and New Zealand, we’re making a few format changes to reflect that.

Asia-Pacific Regional Finals Are Making the Trip Down Under

For the first time ever, Australia will play host to the APAC regional finals. Three Korean teams and two Taiwanese teams will join the three Australian and New Zealand teams to compete for $50,000 USD—and the winning team will advance to represent the Asia-Pacific region at BlizzCon!

Introduction of Multiple Qualifiers and Points

Starting in May, we’ll be holding four qualifying cups spread over two months instead of a single qualifying event. Each cup will follow the same point structure as the North American cups. After all cups are completed, the three teams from Australia and New Zealand with the most points will qualify for the Asia-Pacific Regional Finals.

Competition Summary

  • Four Arena cups
  • $6,000 USD prize pool
  • Top three teams will advance to Asia-Pacific Regional Finals
  • First cup begins on May 11
  • Cups to be broadcast on
  • $50,000 USD Asia-Pacific Regional Finals and progression to BlizzCon

Schedule and Cup Sign-ups

More details on when and how you can follow the action is coming soon, so watch this space.