The Siege of Lordaeron Has Begun!

Battle for Azeroth

The call to battle resounds throughout Azeroth. For the Alliance, the time has come to take Warchief Sylvanas Windrunner and her Horde to task for the innocent lives claimed in Teldrassil—and retake the former human city of Lordaeron as their own. For the Horde, their task is to defend the Undercity, home to the Forsaken, from the Alliance and retain their foothold within the Eastern Kingdoms.

With Whom Will You Take Your Stand?

Who: Level 110 players
Where: Begins in Stormwind for Alliance and Orgrimmar for Horde

The peace promised with the defeat of the Burning Legion has been irrevocably shattered. Azeroth is deeply wounded and in need of aid even as both the Horde and Alliance vie for the Azerite seeping up to the surface. It is a new age of an old war. Where will you take your stand?