Bring Out the Wolpertingers! Brewfest is Here

September 20th by Blizzard Entertainment

Do you love eating delicious faire food, drinking bountiful beverages, and riding rams around barrels of apples? Brewfest has arrived and you can do all that and more during this holiday.

When: September 20–October 6
Where: Outside Ironforge and Orgrimmar 

Coren Direbrew is up to his usual tricks within Blackrock Depths, but characters levels 20-120 can put a stop to his brawling ways by hopping into the Group Finder (I). There just might be a Swift Brewfest Ram or Great Brewfest Kodo in your future!

What do you get when you have everything? Use your Brewfest Prize Tokens to purchase some of the festive Brewfest items including: the Throwing SausageGravil Goldbraid’s Famous Sausage Hat, and Synthebrew Goggles XL

The competing brewers from across Azeroth have made sure to bring along some great brews for you to sample, each with a cosmetic effect:

T’Chali Voodoo Brewery – Spirit Spirits
Gordok – Gordok Bock
Thunderbrew – Storming Saison
Drohn’s Distillery – Mannoroth’s Blood Red Ale
Barleybrew – Shimmer Stout

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