The Eternal Palace Race to World First Begins This Week!

The race to see who can be the first to defeat Azshara in her Eternal Palace begins this week. The best of the best will be wading in to the depths of this epic raid to see who can cross the finish line and claim World First!

Live from Redbull’s Gaming Sphere

Pieces and Limit take to the big stage at the Red Bull Gaming Sphere on July 16 to begin their quest to be the first to defeat Queen Azshara in her Eternal Palace.

All the action will be brought to you by world class broadcast talent, including Rich CampbellDaniel ‘AutomaticJak’ AnzenbergerCaroline ‘Nagura’ ForerJack ‘Jacky’ Peters, and more.

  • When
    Beginning Tuesday, July 16, Limit will start off the race at 8:00 a.m. PDT and will be followed by Pieces at 4:00 p.m. PDT on Wednesday, July 17.
  • Where to WatchRed Bull on Twitch

*Select streams for Mature Audiences only. (Individual broadcast and stream schedules may vary.)

Individual Player Streams
Guild: Limit
Guild: Pieces
Guild: Exorsus
*Limit_Maximum Twice Russian Language Broadcast
*Thdlock Champs Nurseos
SupremeQAQ Leo *Shtyr
*Dossouyo Rinoa Teyka
*Preheat Sinnz Alveona
Willyb Connor Lynberg
Lightee Clickz *Rippo_Expo
Xyronic Splat Eskagodx
Sanghelios Evnz Kaymancutoff
*Refute Blade Lunuya
Jigz Rycn T0oky
Kamswow Dan TheLanselap
Maeveycakes Bastu

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Method's Live Streams

Live from Take TV in Germany, gaming guild Method will be hosting 24/7 coverage of the race to world first in The Eternal Palace featuring multiple guilds from all over the world (including AlphaJi Tian HongSkylineAversionFrom Scratchvodkaz, and Big Dumb Guild), more players onsite than ever before, your favorite WoW commentator line-up from the community, and much more!

  • When:
    Stream begins at 6 a.m. with a pre-show event on Tuesday, July 16. 
  • Where to Watch: 
Individual Player Streams
Chris Potter

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Additional Streams 

*Select streams for Mature Audiences only. (Individual broadcast and stream schedules may vary.)

Guild: From Scratch
Guild: Aversion
Guild: Big Dumb Guild
Guild: Vodka


*Witts Dreams
Voci Crusaden Comfy Arriuss
Tuux Droin *Dbzy Flawless
Rytnek Nickdruid Shampy Davidq
Miuu Zevade
*Hujain *Naesam
Flamingosis Serahline

Boss Kill Replays Only: FatsharkYesScrubbusters

Whose team has what it takes to make it all the way to Queen Azshara and defeat her within her seat of power? Only time will tell.