Stormsong Valley’s Newest Hive is the Bee’s Knees

September 18th by Blizzard Entertainment

Stormsong Valley’s beekeepers report that a buzzare pheromenon is about to take place in the region.

Swarm Stormsong Valley

In the next few weeks, savvy insect enthusiasts will be able to uncover the secrets of a new hive in the mountains of Stormsong Valley. Perhaps a small companion will be able to show you the way . . .

Long Live the Queen

Alliance players can work with Barry the Beekeeper to locate Stormsong Valley’s newest hive and court the favor of the Hivemother in order to purchase bee-themed items and earn a new bumble bee mount, the Honeyback Harvester.

Honeyback Harvester mount
While most Harvesters dream only of honey and flowers, this adventurous specimen looks to the wide world beyond Stormsong Valley.

The Butterfly Effect

Float like a butterfly and sting like a bee with these new battle pets.

Papi: Legend has it that these purple butterflies came from a place called Devil’s Island.
Drop: Fresh Jelly Deposit in Stormsong Valley.

Sunsoaked Flitter: The wings of this butterfly start off with no distinct color, but slowly change to yellow as they spend time in the sunlight.
Drop: Fresh Jelly Deposit in Stormsong Valley.

Crimson Skipper: This butterfly is stained red from the blood of its enemies.
Drop: Honey Smasher.

Recruit A Friend Rewards
Both Horde and Alliance players can add these beauties to their bug collection!

Land of Milkweed and Honey

As you work toward earning the Hivemother’s favor, be sure to keep your eyes peeled for hidden treasures.

Praise the Sun

If you see a ray of light, follow it—at the other end you may encounter some beeing that could use your assistance. Helpful heroes will be granted sweet rewards including the Glyph of Dire Bees which can be looted by Hunters from both factions.

Pest Patrol

New creatures have swarmed the area. Squash them for a chance to collect unique loot.

Head over to Stormsong Valley in the next couple of weeks to discover what lies in store for you!