Shadowlands: Castle Nathria and Season 1 Goes Live December 8

In just a few weeks after the release of Shadowlands, Season 1 will begin and the gates of Castle Nathria will open as the expansion’s first raid experience.

Castle Nathria

Infiltrate the iron-barred walls of Castle Nathria, a 10-boss raid located in the shadowy realm of Revendreth. Face off against unfathomable horrors in a race to uncover a sinister plot and save these lands from a dark and twisted future.

Raid Unlock Schedule (North America):

December 8 – Normal and Heroic difficulties
December 15 – Mythic Castle Nathria, Raid Finder Wing 1
January 5 – Raid Finder Wing 2
January 19 – Raid Finder Wing 3
February 2 – Raid Finder Wing 4

Shadowlands Season 1

Once the gates of Castle Nathria open on December 8, Shadowlands Season 1 will also begin which introduces a new seasonal affix in Mythic Keystone dungeons along with a new season of PvP action.