Dragonflight Beta Key Giveaways Are Here!

October 16th by Blizzard Entertainment

The Dragonflight beta is in full swing, with more opt in testers joining the test weekly. To help those who have yet to have fortune smile upon them with beta access, we’re happy to share we’re expanding the number of ways you, too, can join the ranks of beta testers.

For the next several weeks, dozens of content creators will be providing various ways to access beta keys—with your participation, of course. Whether it’s via Twitch chats, Twitter profiles, Podcasts, YouTube channels, or other mediums, each one will be giving out their keys for only a short time. To make sure you don’t miss your chance at securing a beta key of your own, you’ll need to check in with new creators every few days.

To stay on top of who is actively participating* in these giveaways, check back here on our official news post for updates as we add more creators. Here is our current schedule, with more on the way after.

Sunday 10/16 – Tuesday 10/18

Content Creator Channel Language
Bean https://twitch.tv/bean English
Comfykinz https://twitter.com/Comfy_BDG English
DCarter https://twitch.tv/dcarter English
Dorki https://twitch.tv/Dorki English
Foxfighter https://twitch.tv/foxfighter English
Meg https://twitch.tv/megasett English
Venruki https://twitch.tv/venruki English
Descry https://twitch.tv/descryau English (ANZ)
N_Tys https://twitch.tv/n_tys English (ANZ)
Kalieyn https://twitch.tv/kalieyn English (EU)
TreesapJake https://youtube.com/c/TreesapJake/ English (EU)
Viklund https://twitch.tv/viklund English (EU)
Whaazz https://twitch.tv/Whaazz English (EU)
MamokyTV https://twitch.tv/mamokytv French
oonolive https://twitch.tv/oonolive French
Brokken88 https://twitch.tv/brokken88 German
Lídia Monteiro (eimoça) https://tiktok.com/@eimoca Portuguese (LatAm)
Sessama https://twitch.tv/sesssama Portuguese (LatAm)

These giveaways will continue for several weeks, so keep checking back to this article for more creator Beta key giveaways!

Visit our official news post to learn more about the Dragonflight beta and opt-in to become a tester.

*Please be aware of any additional third-party e-mail messages, websites, or in-game whispers that offer beta keys or access to the Dragonflight beta. Please see our Phishing Scams support article for more details on dealing with such messages.