The Second Phase of the Dragonflight Pre-Expansion Patch is Now Live!

November 15th by Blizzard Entertainment

With the second phase of the pre-expansion patch, players with Dragonflight can experience the new dracthyr Evoker and begin leveling through the Forbidden Reach. The second phase of the pre-expansion patch also brings with it a new event— the Tempest Unleashed.

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Scale Up with the New Dracthyr Evoker

With the release of the second phase of the pre-expansion patch, players with Dragonflight can create and play the new dracthyr Evoker, a hero class that serves as both a race and a class in combination. [Learn More]

Awaken in the Forbidden Reach

Awaken as a dracthyr Evoker in the Forbidden Reach and dive into the mysteries of the past as enemies and potential allies, new and old, are drawn to this place of ancient power. [Learn More]

The Tempest Unleashed Pre-Expansion Event

As a new age of adventure approaches, Primalists compel the very elements to strike all over Azeroth. Quell their rage and venture once more into Uldaman to recover Tyr's lost memories. It is up to you to stop the elements from revolting all over the Eastern Kingdoms and Kalimdor, and delve into the Uldaman: Legacy of Tyr dungeon to recover an ancient titan relic. [Learn More]

Finding Your Way to the Dragon Isles

The path to the Dragon Isles, ancestral home of the dragonflights, opens November 28. Whether you’re returning to the land of Azeroth or new to these magical lands, we’ve put together some helpful information to prepare you for your journeys ahead. [Learn More]

Dragonflight Pre-Expansion Phase 2 Update Notes

The Dragonflight Pre-Expansion Phase 2 update is around the corner! Get ready to create a dracthyr Evoker and journey through the Forbidden Reach, ward off attacks from the Primalists in the Tempest Unleashed in-game event, and brave the new dungeon, Uldaman: Legacy of Tyr. [Learn More]

Catch up on all the changes introduced in phase 1 of the Dragonflight pre-expansion patch in our previously published article.

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Pre-Patch Survival Guide

Content creators Hazelnuttygames, Naguura, and Cdew have joined forces to help you prepare for the Dragonflight pre-expansion patches.

Dragonflight: Legacies Series

The dragonflights of Azeroth have returned, called upon to defend their ancestral home as long-dormant forces begin to stir in their sacred homeland. Join Nozdormu, Aspect of the Bronze Dragonflight, as he delves into an ancient past that holds the key to saving their uncertain future.

Express Yourself with Dracthyr Emojis

Earlier this year, we released a series of Dracthyr-themed emojis. Learn more about how these came to be in our previously published article. We hope that this lovingly curated selection of some of our favorite dracthyr emojis helps enrich your communities across Discord, Twitch, and social media.

dracthyr_a1 dracthyr A! speech bubble animated_dracthyr_blob_dance dracthyr cry animated dracthyr cry
dracthyr comfy bronze dracthyr comfy green dracthyr comfy red dracthyr comfy black dracthyr comfy blue
dracthyr comfy sip dracthyr cry laugh dracthyr heart dracthyr hehe animated dracthyr hehe
animated dracthyr love dracthyr lulmao animated dracthyr nervous dracthyr no speech bubble dracthyr no
dracthyr shrug animated dracthyr nod dracthyr sweat dracthyr tea animated dracthyr uwahh
dracthyr uwu animated dracthyr yay

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