It’s Almost Time for the WoW Variety Show to Take Flight!

WoW Variety Show
December 8th by Blizzard Entertainment

Lights, camera, and even more action! The WoW Variety Show is back for Dragonflight and gearing up for an even bigger 2-day event broadcasting December 10–11 live on YouTube and Twitch!

WoW Variety Show: Take Flight

On December 10, a combination of Warcraft Celebrity and Community Contestants will compete in three activities: a leveling competition through the Forbidden Reach, a Dragonriding relay, and a Dragon Isles expedition race.

We’re also weaving in extra fun with two brand-new backstage activities: Fast-Draw Duel and Toy Hunt!

Then, on December 11, more celebrity contestants and special guests from MDI & AWC will race through the Dragonflight Season 1 Dungeons and Arenas to show off the new expansion!


  • Venue: Live Servers in Europe and the Americas
  • Date: December 10–11
  • Broadcast Start Time: 10:00 am PST / 7:00 pm CEST
  • Format: Seven activities during the show
  • December 10: Leveling, Dragonriding Relay, Dragon Isles Expedition, Fast-Draw Duel, Toy Hunt.
  • December 11: Dragonflight Season 1 Mythic+ and Arena Showcase
  • Stream Location: and

The WoW Variety Show goes live with your hosts, Taliesin and Evitel, and a full lineup of celebrity guests and contestants.

Stay Connected

Tune in this weekend to and and follow along for more updates on the WoW Esports Twitter.

Good luck and have fun!