Major Payne’s Pet Menagerie: Coilfang Stalker

June 28th by Crithto

Gather ’round, tamers—I have a story to tell you. See this scar on my back? It came from a pesky rogue who was traipsing around Icecrown trying to stir up trouble with my Argent Tournament friends. He got the jump on me for a second, but as you can clearly see, I’m alive and kicking . . . and you best believe he’s not! Daggers are wet noodles to me!

You know what he had coated on his tiny, dull blades? That’s right, poison! And do you know where he got this poison? Zangarmarsh! Evidence shows that Spore Walkers generate noxious compounds, and when carefully collected, cowardly kidney-ticklers like that rogue will sometimes apply them to their stilettos and go around making people break out in sores. Well, I’ve had enough! It’s time to rise up against these beasts and take back our ability to be stabbed without the fear of an acne breakout!

Now, rumors are that the mother of all Spore Walkers was the Black Stalker. You remember her, don’t you? She was the tall weirdo you faced in the Underbog with the super long gams. Well, there’s an even more sinister rumor that momma has left Lady Vashj in control of her young brood. Your mission is to exact vengeance against this maniacal follower of Illidan. In the process, you might get to take one of these alien-lookin’ things home with you. Bring in Stumpy!


Crithto: I’ll show you stumpy . . . uhem! The Black Stalker’s children aren’t just known for their looks, but also for their ability to melt your face with a glaring look from their eye. Oddly enough, Coilfang Stalkers don’t use poison to whittle down their enemies, but rather take advantage of the powers of the arcane. From their Focused Beams hitting for increasing amounts of damage to their Surges of Power nearly blasting holes in the time-space continuum, this magical pet is sure to bring your team some deadly versatility.

There you have it! Coilfang Reservoir is your destination, Serpentshrine Cavern your likely resting place. Just one more important note before you leave: TAINTED CORES ARE NOT FOR CONSUMPTION!

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