Major Payne’s Pet Menagerie: Crow

November 1st by Crithto

Given the breadth of my responsibilities and inability to fully investigate every report of devious activity, I’ve summoned all of you here to give you the details of your next mission. It is of the utmost importance that what we discuss here is kept top secret. Should you choose to leak any of the following details, I will immediately disavow your existence and send Crithto to ensure you die a swift and quiet death. Your lips will be sealed one way or another!

Your target of interest is Silas Darkmoon. He’s the purveyor of the “greatest show on Azeroth,” but my sources tell me he’s up to something sinister. Mind you, one of my sources is Topper McNabb, but that’s neither here nor there. Darkmoon is planning something—I can feel it! And I want you to investigate his island of miscreants to see what’s really going on. Sample the goods, test each activity, and make sure you’re not spotted as one of my trainees. Blend in, act like all the other seedy denizens of the island, and don’t come back until you have some concrete information about the Ringleader. I need to know!

Oh, and while you’re there, you might want to try taming a crow. It is rumored that these jackdaws carry missives from Silas to his cohorts, as well as munch on the corpses his camp is purported to leave in the adjacent woods. Don’t end up one yourself!

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Crithto: Ahh, the enigmatic Crow; a diurnal shadow cawing from the tree tops, out of sight, lying in wait for a fresh body to nom on. Or leftover funnel cakes and crunchy frogs to nibble on—it doesn’t matter. There’s a reason why a group of crows is referred to as a murder. And being the adventurous owner of this pet is sure to produce similar results in the Pet Battles arena. The one-two punch that’s guaranteed to send a message is Call Darkness and Nocturnal Strike. Yet this elusive avian’s  ability to dish out damage doesn’t stop there—especially when you combine abilities like Alpha Strike and Murder. The only advice I can give is to ensure you treat your Crow with respect. If you don’t, it tends to go for the eyes first.

Don’t mistake this task to be anything other than a reconnaissance mission. You are not to attempt to take down Silas or his minions at this time. Well, you can try, but it’s not likely you’ll survive. And even more important is to ensure you return with one of his crows. They hold secrets in their eyes and in their minds that only I can decipher. Keep in mind, the Darkmoon Faire island is a land of mystery, shrouded by something evil, and going there will require you to take advantage of all your senses. Too bad you only have five!


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