Major Payne’s Pet Menagerie:

January 24th by Crithto

Greetings, tamers, Crithto here! This week, Major Payne’s decided to take a break and has ordered me to highlight one of our favorite fansites: While he’s off adventuring somewhere top secret (at least he says he is), the Major thought this would be a great time to talk about what this helpful website can offer new and veteran pet collectors and battlers.

It all began over 7 years ago when Brian “Breanni” Brolin was searching online for a vanity pet guide. Not having much luck, he put his knowledge of website design to use to create just such a resource. was born, and pet collecting is all the better for it! On the site you can look up pets, read comments about where and how to capture and tame them, and even participate in the WarcraftPets community.

With the introduction of Pet Battles, evolved to include as much information as possible while still maintaining its fun, easy-to-use style. As part of this evolution, visitors can now create a free account which can be synced with their World of Warcraft character, allowing them to track the pets they already have in their collection and track down the ones they hope to add.

The site also provides detailed individual pet pages, which include information such as type, battle abilities, location, and a whole lot more. You’ll also find news, an exhaustive and comprehensive search-engine for pets and pet abilities, a Smart Pet Search feature for those difficult NPC encounters, and numerous guides. It’s a great resource—even Major Payne had a few nice things to say about it.



Major Payne: My strategic brilliance comes not just from conquering the world and everything in it, but also through my close relationship with Breanni. She’s been instrumental in helping me ensure Payne brings the pain! You jelly of my team?! As your drill instructor, it’s my duty to tap into my vast array of experiences and heart-stopping battle knowledge to ensure you’re as fit as possible to handle the rigors of Pet Battles. Once you’ve successfully survived my course, you’re certain to become a champion like me—especially if you take advantage of the information Breanni has put together. If you don’t, YOU’RE DEAD TO ME!!

If you haven’t checked out what has to offer, be sure to give it a spin. It’s just one of many fansites that exemplifies what passionate gamers can do for other passionate gamers when they put their minds to it.