Major Payne’s Advanced Pet Battles Training: Dagra the Fierce

April 4th by Crithto

High atop the mountain next to Thorn Hill is a vicious orc woman named Dagra . . . Dagra the Fierce. Frankly, her team didn’t seem very fierce when it faced my crew of deadly mongrels, but I can confirm she’s got a wicked right cross. I do not recommend flirting with her.

Throughout her years in Northern Barrens, she’s tamed a collection of creatures that might make you think you’re at a petting zoo—but these wildlings are nothing to be trifled with if you’re not properly trained and prepared. There’s Longneck, a Beast; Springtail, a Critter; and Ripper, another Beast. One time, I watched a young tamer get too close to Longneck and attempt to pet it. Let’s just say I hope he didn’t need the leg that went comically tumbling down the mountain. Yes, I pointed and laughed. What of it?!

She’s your target, tamers! Let’s bring in Captain Crithto to dish out the details of this exercise.

Crithto: Oh boy, captain! No, wait, I think Payne might be having fun with alliteration. Sigh . . . OK, tamers, Dagra the Fierce. As the major said, she’s in the Northern Barrens on top of the mountain adjacent to Thorn Hill. For this exercise, you’re going to need three pets on your team, all of them level 2, and you’re only allowed to use a Humanoid, an Elemental, and a Flying pet. Once again, Payne’s agreed to let you have one pet that grants you an advantage until you start to get a feel for the different encounters. Same as last time, be conscious of the pet quality on your team. And yes, do not flirt with Dagra. She’s mean!

I’m beginning to see some promise in you people. Bear in mind, I didn’t care much for the obscenity-laced parchments you mailed me about your training against Julia Stevens, but Crithto’s been tenacious in buffering my wrath. Don’t think I’m letting up, though! We might be tip-toeing through some of these teams, but it’s going to get a whole lot harder very, very soon.


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