Major Payne’s Advanced Pet Battles Training: Lindsay

April 11th by Crithto

My scouts report that some of you were none too happy to be slapped around by Dagra. Bwahahaha!!

What, was the big scary orc lady too mean to you? Did you too lose a limb and have it comically tumble down the mountain? Well suck it up, tamer! Your petty concerns mean nothing to me, and they certainly won’t change my goal of making you a champion. I whip my arms back and forth!

However, I’m not without a smidgen of heart, so why don’t you head to Redridge Mountains and find my little friend Lindsay? She’s cute, she’s got pigtails with pink bows, and she takes care of a little herd of bunnies that are sure to warm your heart. As they slay your team!

Bring it, pug.

Crithto: Don’t let Lindsay’s adorable presence deter you from accomplishing your mission. Rabbits are some of the fastest Critters you will face in Pet Battles, so her ability to quickly take out your team is nothing to scoff at. You’ll be facing off against Dipsy, Flipsy, and Flufftail, and for this challenge you’ll need to assemble a team of two level-4 pets and one level-5 pet. The level-4 pets can be either Undead or Elemental, and your level-5 pet can be either Humanoid or Beast. Keep them in this order, and see if you can best Lindsay. Don’t come crying to me if you end up feeling really, really sorry for defeating her!

Simple enough, right? Or are you scared of a little girl, too?! Granted, killing her bunnies is a really mean thing to do, but Pet Battles aren’t just about family, they’re also about speed and team composition. One final caveat: winning is going to feel like losing.


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