Explorers' League Journal: Entry VIII

Explorers' League
January 15th by Lylirra

Welcome back, travelers! Friday is upon us once more, so let's take a quick look at all the latest game and community developments.



Patch 4.0.6 PTR Notes (Updated January 14) - The latest PTR patch notes are now live. Learn more about upcoming changes to classes, dungeons, raids, and more. 

Wow, Dungeons Are Hard! - Lead systems designer Greg “Ghostcrawler” Street delves into dungeon difficulty.

Tol Barad Balance – Lead content designer Cory “Mumper” Stockton addresses your concerns about this world PvP zone and provides some insight into our design approach.


Survival Guides

New Player Tips: Key Bindings - What advice would you give to new players looking to customize their keyboard layout?

Ten Ton Hammer's Healing Guide – Healing can be challenging, but our friends over at Ten Ton Hammer have put together a great collection of tips and suggestions for how you can take your throughput to the next level.

TankSpot's Guide to Maloriak – Been meaning to mow down the malevolent, mad miser Maloriak, but just can't seem to land the final momentous blow? TankSpot has you covered.

This is the sixth video in TankSpot's Blackwing Descent series. You can check out the other five encounter walkthroughs here:


Around the Community

Blackrock Whatever It’s Called – Catch up with Scott Johnson and Randy Jordan as they discuss a variety of in-game topics in episode #214 of The Instance.

Boot to the Head - Machinimist amdragplayer examines one possible consequence of asking the age-old question: "Can I have your stuff?"

As the World Turns – Explore the beauty of Azeroth’s landscapes as they appeared before the Shattering in semaxxi’s latest movie, Memories of the Old World (Part 1).

Death Becomes Her – Singer/songwriter Ember Isolte has created another epic World of Warcraft-inspired tune:  “I’m Undead.”

Can you dig it? - We can dig it.


Forum Watch

Giving Back - Looking for a way to help out newer players? Then check out this player-run initiative over in the New Player Help and Guides forum.

What World of Warcraft Item Do You Hold Most Dear? - Is it the Haunted Memento? Preserved Holly? Iron Boot Flask? Ooh! I know, maybe it’s Archmage Vargoth’s staff? (It’s totally the staff.)



That's all for this week! Stay classy, Azeroth.