Love Is in the Air

Love is in the Air
February 7th by Bashiok

Qu'est-ce que c'est? What is this? The wind carries the intoxicating scent of perfumes and chocolates, and yet it cannot be... can it? Oh, it is! Love is in the air! The shocked expression upon your face  tells me that you, too, feel the sting of Kwee Q.'s arrow, non? Wait, where are you going? Ah, playing hard to get, I see....

It's the time of year once again when we take a moment away from slaying dragons, bloodying battlefields, and digging through ogre excrement to turn with amorous eyes to a significant other (or a nearby city guard) and seduce them into helping you earn achievements! Go now, douse yourselves in pungent waters, and gnaw upon the candies you so desire.... But be wary, as some of the scents filling the air don't stink quite right, and nosey detectives should head to Orgrimmar or Stormwind to begin a uniquely amorous and aromatic quest.

The Love Is in the Air world event runs from February 7 through February 21. Visit Wowhead's Love Is in the Air Guide for detailed quest and item information, and find everything your heart desires!