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Children’s Week is Underway

Beginning May 2 and running through May 9, this week-long celebration is a time to give back to the innocent children orphaned by war.

8 years ago
Noblegarden Is Underway

Beginning March 28 and running through April 4, the hunt is on in Azeroth’s celebration of bright colors, rebirth, and hidden treats!

8 years ago
Love Is in the Air

Qu'est-ce que c'est? What is this? The wind carries the intoxicating scent of perfumes and chocolates, and yet it cannot be... can it? Oh, it is! Love is in the air! The shocked expression upon your face  tells me that you, too, feel the sting of Kwee Q.'s arrow, non? Wait, where are you going? Ah, playing hard to get, I see....

13 years ago
Mark Your Calendars: Pilgrim's Bounty

Pull up a chair, grab a sizable helping of your favorite food, and prepare to reflect on the year's good tidings -- you're invited to Pilgrim's Bounty! The festivities start this Sunday, November 21, and continue all the way through next Saturday, November 27. Try your hand at cooking, hunt down a wild turkey with friends, or throw tradition to the wind and participate in an all-out food fight. There's fun for everyone, so we hope to see you there!

13 years ago