Major Payne’s Pet Menagerie: Sunfur Panda

Pet Battles
March 15th by Crithto

You think you can hold your own against the fiercest of creatures in that kind of shape!? DROP AND GIVE ME TWENTY, TAMER!

I’ve brought in my pal Crithto, who's gonna help me prepare you to conquer all of Azeroth’s Battle Pets, and each week we’ll be featuring a unique and challenging pet you too can obtain . . . if you’re prepared!

The rumor going around Icecrown is that you think you’re a seasoned veteran. A champion among champions with—as the trolls say—“da skills to pay da bills, mon.” Well, I don’t think so! But before you get all bent out of shape, here’s my challenge to you: beat the Elites! That’s right, go out there and defeat every single Elite Battle Pet of the pandaren fables and then get back to me. Until then, they’re all yours, Crithto.


Crithto: A slew of adorable new panda pets have invaded Pandaria, obtainable by defeating the powerful beasts of pandaren fables. The orange cousin of the Red Panda, the Sunfur Panda, can create perfect napping conditions with Sunlight, and then follow it up with Hibernate to gain a significant amount of health.  The new Cute Face ability gives the Sunfur Panda a chance to dodge attacks, and with Survival, the Panda can outlast many rounds of enemy attacks.

Alright, you've got your orders. Don’t stand there looking like you need a tissue, get out there and start showing me you have what it takes!

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