Major Payne’s Pet Menagerie: Spawn of G’nathus

April 12th by Crithto

Admiring the scars upon my chiseled face in the polished steel of my unsullied shield, it’s difficult to understand how I’ve been able to accomplish so much greatness. . .

No, not really. I mean, just look at me! And this shield? Yeah, don’t need it! In fact, just this morning I opted to leave the thing at home while I visited the north shores of Shan’ze Dao. I regularly hike the island just so I can swing cloudrunners around by their tails and laugh in Hei Feng’s face. Just recently, though, I ran into another creature few of you have heard of, and even fewer would be brave enough to face: G’nathus!

With one hand tied behind my back and a cattail reed for a sword, I fought the mighty beast for 23 seconds before enjoying sushi for lunch. Makes you want to kiss my bicep, don’t it? Oh, the thing tried to summon its brood and electrify the waters around me, but it was only a waste of time. Later, I discovered you can dampen the sensation of static in your mouth with a little wasabi. Burp!

Of course, I didn’t tackle this encounter just to hone my stick-poking skill. I wanted to add the Spawn of G’nathus to my ginormous pet menagerie! What do you have to say about that, Crithto?


Crithto: Channeling the cunning powers of Lei Shen, Spawn of G’nathus is a DPS master, capable of delivering devastating blows to opponents using Paralyzing Shock and Dive. If you want him to lead the charge against a team, skills like Lightning Shield and Thunderbolt followed by Swallow You Whole should do the trick.

I swear, the fearful looks in your eyes and gaping mouths do nothing to my feels. Sooner or later, you’ll come to realize that it takes time, practice, and a little bit of crazy to reach even the lowest point of the awesome heights I’ve achieved. So stop gawkin’ at me and get on out to Townlong Steppes!

Lorewalker Cho: The ancient pandaren texts contain much speculation as to the origin of G'nathus. Some believe him to be a Loa left by the Zandalari to protect the Throne of Thunder, while others suggest that the mogu formed the great beast in their Halls of Flesh-Shaping. A very small group thinks that G'nathus was once Lei Shen's pet fish, empowered by years of proximity to the Thunder King and flushed down into the contaminated sewers beneath the palace.

Regardless of G'nathus' origins, adventurers seeking to secure his clutch by braving the choppy waters north of Townlong Steppes are advised to bring friends—and a rubber swimming suit.

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