Major Payne’s Pet Menagerie: Sleepy Willy

May 3rd by Crithto

Before you can become a Pet Battle champion—like yours truly—you need to master patience. Learning to control your emotions even during the most strenuous situations is of the utmost importance, and you need to overcome your inborn inclination to lash out or react impulsively. That’s just how it works!

Uhem . . . as I was saying, it’s your duty as tamers to remain calm, focused, and level-headed, regardless of the exterior stimuli. To help you reach the level of enduring excellence you see before you, I present the most challenging exercise any instructor could drum up: Escorting children! Put on your babysitter armor, ladies and germs—you’re about to get schooled!

It’s Children’s Week, and you are hereby ordered to learn how to cope with long-term suffering by being leashed to a needy, whiny, drooling child who wants nothing more than every ounce of your attention! The reward? One of several unique pets to join your team that you would otherwise never be able to acquire. Crithto will now introduce you to one of my favorites.


Crithto: Don’t let his giant adorable eye, bucktooth, and penchant to fall asleep fool you: Willy can be the bringer of death when skillfully played. Particularly strong against Flying opponents, Willy’s DPS ramps up quickly when he uses his Focused Beams and Agony abilities. On the defense, he’s capable of ruining multi-round spells with Interrupting Gaze, and stealing his foes’ fun by casting Dark Simulacrum*. Willy may not care much for chance encounters with random critters in the wild, but he’s a strong utility pet with some potentially potent offense.

There’s a wise saying that goes something like this: “Patience is sorrow’s salve.” Indeed, you’ve worked hard and endured many injuries in the process—now it’s time to dry your eyes, bandage up your wounds, and work on achieving a steadfast state of mind. I am the poster boy for this cause! Now head on over to Orgrimmar, Stormwind, Shattrath, or Dalaran, find an adorable orphan, and get going on your journey toward ultimate endurance. DISMISSED!

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*In a future patch, Dark Simulacrum will be replaced with an ability called Rot. Rot will deal heavy Undead damage and temporarily turn the enemy pet into an Undead-type creature. This spell should serve you well when coupled with Willy’s Tongue Lash ability.