Major Payne’s Pet Menagerie: Netherspace Abyssal

May 17th by Crithto

The void between our reality and the nether can be bridged only by the strong.

I guess that eliminates you!

Oh please, stop your pouting. At this point in your training, you should be used to my methods. Moreover, if you plan on taking down the Grand Master tamers of Pandaria, or even me (ha!), you’re gonna need to learn how to cope with debilitating injuries . . . not just to your person, but to your pride!

Here’s where I’m going with all this: Atop Medivh’s Tower in Deadwind Pass resides a prince of the man’ari eredar. Claiming to be a member of the Burning Legion (they couldn’t burn my toast—double ha!), Malchezaar has been busy preparing his legions of infernals, and working on the greatest set of one-liners this master of all things has ever heard! Your mission*—should you choose to accept—is to traverse the haunted halls of Karazhan, work your way to the top, and extinguish this egomaniac with extreme prejudice. You best not be eyeballin’ me, tamer!

My four-legged pal will now tell you about the prize you’re after. I’ll be back!


Crithto: The Hellfire-spewing embodiment of the very essence of Malchezaar, the Netherspace Abyssal is one of the largest, most fearful pets a tamer can have. DPS won’t be a concern once the destructive powers of Crush and Meteor Strike are unleashed. If you prefer to surprise your opponents, you can whittle away health with Immolation and Immolate, and then shock them into submission by casting Nether Gate, only to blow up the next pet with Explode.

If you’re a seasoned veteran of adventuring around Azeroth, I’m sure your initial inclination is to scoff at this assignment . . . but you’re forgetting one important detail, which I’ll remind you of in just a minute. But first, I recall the last time I paid Malchezaar a visit. He asked me a question. “How can you hope to withstand such overwhelming power?” he queried. And to him I responded, “Your ignorant satisfaction with your own opinion is about to be eradicated!” You can pretty much surmise how things went from that point on.

The Ivory Spire calls, tamers! It’s time to head out and get inside the twisted citadel that may very well end up being your resting place. And oh yeah, that’s right . . . I forgot to remind you of that one important detail you’re neglecting to remember.


*This pet will be available once Patch 5.3 launches.

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