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December 23rd by Community

Welcome to the Community News! There is always some interesting news, fan fiction, comic, artwork, guide or machinima that is worth sharing. In this blog we will provide you with a recap of this week's latest news and community highlights!

This week's news from Azeroth

Beyond the Tree
The latest adventures of Hani and Tiny, in this episode entitled Aubeardine

Icy-Veins Transmogrification guides
Icy-Veins has posted transmogrification guides for all classes, including armor sets and item models.

Melvenor Interview
JudgeHype has posted an interview of Melvenor, the winner of the BlizzCon 2011 Machinima Contest. The interview is available in French and English

Know Your Lore: Wrathion the Purified
WoW Insider recounts the full story behind Wrathion, the untained black dragon in rogue legendary questline.

WoWjuju Gift Ideas
WoWjuju is getting in the holiday spirit and they have created a pretty neat list of gift ideas for a WoW player.

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