Explorers' League Journal: Entry VII

Explorers' League
January 7th by Daxxarri

Welcome, travelers, to the seventh edition of the Explorers’ League Journal, and the first edition of the new year. Here's just a handful of the happenings you might have missed over the holidays.

Front and Center

The Latest Hotfixes - Fresh from the development team, a comprehensive list of the latest hotfixes for your perusal.

Upcoming Class Changes - Ghostcrawler brings you a classy update (pun intended) on upcoming changes and balance adjustments.

Guild Flask and Cauldron Updates - Good news for your guild’s assortment of alchemists: the requirements for guild flask achievements have been dramatically downsized!

Tol Barad Updates - Read up on recent changes to Honor Points for attackers in Cataclysm's outdoor PvP zone.

One if by Zeppelin, Two if by Boat- Learn about all the different modes of transportation available to Azeroth's travelers.

Patch 4.0.6 Now on the PTR- Check out what's in store for the next World of Warcraft patch.

New Player Tips: The Auction House - Mystified by money making? Confounded by commerce? Perhaps these financial tips from fellow players can tip the scales in your favor.

Extreme Makeover: Thrall Edition - Thrall is looking positively electric in his brand new winter ensemble; check out how he went from plate armor to fashion plate.

Mobile Armory Improvements - The World of Warcraft Mobile Armory is better than ever and ready to serve you wherever your adventures take you.


Community Curiosities

Epic... bathroom!? - Oust that odiferous old outhouse; this is a powder room in which any warchief would be proud to potty.

Tally Ho, Hunters - Are your battles a bloodbath? Is most of it yours? Perhaps this thread can help you get the most out of Hunter PvP.


Survival Guides

Ten Ton Hammer: Guild Advancement – A little mystified by how guild leveling works? Ten Ton Hammer has an excellent primer that’ll help get you up to speed.

TankSpot's Guide to Nefarian – With this handy how-to, the final foe in Blackwing Descent will soon fall to your guild’s might.


For Your Amusement

Bunnies - Why’d it have to be bunnies….


Thanks for joining us, and til next time, farewell!